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Stepchange Global offers Consultancy and Advisory Services in the Mining Sector on Digital Transformation and Remote and Integrated Operations

  • Development & deployment of Integrated Operations (IO) strategies & programmes & pilots for mining
  • Integrated Operations and Digital Oilfield (DOF) Technology strategy and advice
  • Integrated Operations Centre (IOC) design and implementation
  • People, Process and Organisational change for IO
  • Collaborative, real-time working, IOC Health Check
  • New remote operational models enabled by IO
  • IO enabled and next generation operations excellence
  • Minimum staffing assessments for current operations
  • Radically Minimum Staffed Greenfield Project Concepts
  • Remote operations and site minimum-staffing in response to COVID-19

We Integrate People, Process, Technology and Organisation to Enable:

  • Real- or right-time decision-making – doing it faster;
  • Connection of one or more remote sites – including your best people in the decision-making;
  • Multi-discipline integration along the value chain;
  • Maximising operational up-time;
  • Upset or event recovery and management;
  • End-to-end Production Optimisation

We help mining companies to achieve their goals:

  • To bridge the gap between the office and the field
  • To enable remote ops/control and full office support
  • To optimize the production value chain by removing organizational silos
  • To enable machinery and equipment monitoring and surveillance
  • To integrate operations and maintenance
  • To make the IOC the home for integrated planning and support for delivery to the plan
  • To enable the IOC to be the first port of call from the field to the office for support
  • To make the IOC the first port of call for the office-based staff to know what is happening in the field
  • To deliver continuous improvement and knowledge management


Integrated Operations is always an individual process, dependent on the specific requirements of the company, culture and organisation. Integrated Operations is fundamentally changing the way we do business in Mining and is how we will run our companies in the future.


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