Dr Joy St. John

Executive Director
Caribbean Public Health Agency

Dr Joy St. John is dedicated and reliable, with a track record of achievements in public health systems management and development and health diplomacy. Her firm but fair style has assured her a place in networks of practise across the world.


The Executive Director provides leadership and Direction to CARPHA in executing the functions laid out in the Inter- Governmental Agreement.

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR-GENERAL of the World Health Organisation from October 2017 to April 2019, with direct responsibility at the World Health Organization for Climate and other Determinants of Health (CED) (first Barbadian to be Assistant Director General.

Former Chief Medical Officer of Barbados (first Barbadian to hold that office) for over 12 years-Top Public Health Advisor to the Minister of Health and responsible for the oversight of the management of the Health Sector.

Chairman of the Executive Board of the World Health Organization (first Caribbean person to do so) from 2012 –2013.

Financial and Technical support for downstream vaccine distribution and delivery