Dr. Juan Manuel Castelli

National Director of Communicable Disease Control
Ministry of Health of the Argentine Nation

Doctor specialist in infectology. University professor of Prevention of Infections Associated with Surgical Procedures and Introduction to clinical taxonomy. He works as researcher in projects for “Salud Investiga”, the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD) and the Center for State and Society Studies (CEDES).

Fellowship in Perinatal Infections, FUNDASAMIN (2006-2009); Scholarship for Training to design and develop a cohort research, FOGARTY AIDS INTERNATIONAL TRAINING AND RESEARCH PROGRAM (2008-2009). He has a postgraduate degree in Training to Strengthen Early Childhood Educational Policies, certified by the International Institute for Educational Planning-UNESCO. Candidate for a Master's degree in Health and Social Security Systems at ISALUD University. Under his leadership, he obtained the 2018 Total Quality Award - Argentine Society for Total Quality and Health Technology Assessment, awarded by the Argentine Medical Association.

He was Coordinator of the Health Technology Evaluation Program of the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires (2010-2011), Director of Training of Health Professionals (2011-2016) and Undersecretary of Planning, Prevention and Health Promotion of the Municipality of Almirante Brown, Province of Buenos Aires (2018-2020). At present, he is National Director of Communicable Disease Control, in the Ministry of Health of the Argentine Nation.