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Optimisation of equipment maintenance/preventive monitoring – webinars to be arranged individually 

Coming from the data centric worlds of Formula One, Aerospace and Defence, OMXT created their own product – IronMan® SaaS.

OXMT’s IronMan® SaaS   not only provides insights on transactional data, such as work orders, but also automates maintenance management data curation and processes.

Applying the latest machine-learning techniques OXMT solves a specific problem for mining: understanding and optimising their maintenance activities. 

This is critical because maintenance is not only one of the largest cost lines in these industries (it can approach 50% of operating costs) but it also has a critical influence on safety, environmental performance, quality, production capacity, capital efficiency and team morale. Reliable, cost-effective plant and equipment is the core of an effective operation. 

Using OXMT’s IronMan® SaaS, one client has documented bottom-line gains of US$6 million from a single mining operation in a single year and the payback is always measured in weeks not years. 

OXMT has a unique approach that draws on its clients’ investments in ERP systems like SAP and Oracle. 

The results include improved maintenance strategies; accurate and optimised master data; support for comprehensive warranty claims, elimination of wasted component life; and clean data for reliability engineers and data scientists.

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