5 March 2021 - Agenda English - Trade Events


10:00-10:10 CET

Welcome and introduction

Tim Buisseret

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10:10-10:30 CET

Overall management of post-mining heritage

Nick Ethelstone

Head of Commercial Report and Advisory Services
The Coal Authority

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10:30-10:50 CET

Mine water heat and heat storage in the UK


Alison Monaghan

Principal geologist, MBE MA (Cantab) PhD FGS CGeol
British Geological Survey

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Charlotte Adams

Commercial Manager – Mine Energy
The Coal Authority

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10:50-11:10 CET

Environmental aspects of mine closure


Simon Tillotson


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11:10-11:30 CET

Financing mechanisms for solar PV on post-mining sites  

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Ferenc Kis

Renewable Energy Business Development Director

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11:30-11:50 CET

Using coal shafts to store energy

Ruth Apps

Business Development Manager

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11:50-12:10 CET

UK coal site reclamation projects

Henry Lang

Ensure Environmental Consulting Ltd

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12:10-12:30 CET